Where in the world are cities smaller than villages? In Friesland of course. Our cities do not owe the title to the format, but to their historical significance. We are small and they are big, and that is ‘bêst genôch’ (pretty enough!).

Streams, rivers, lakes, waterways, ponds, dredging ditches and canals. In Friesland we know more words for the waters than for bread. Logical; we have been dealing with it for centuries. We drove out the sea, sailed the canals, ‘fierljeppen’ over ditches (jumping over ditches with a typical Frisian long wooden pole) and built mounds for dry feet guarantee. Experience our beautiful water landscape!

And speaking of the sea. Sand in your underwear, read the newspaper at wind force 4 and drink cocktails in the dunes. You do not have to go to the Caribbean for the feeling of freedom. It’s all here, in the Frisian front yard which is also known as the most special piece of Unesco World Heritage: The Wadden. Take on the challenge of mudflat walking! Or visit one of the many beaches on the IJsselmeer near MAKKUM, HINDELOPEN or STAVOREN. You can immediately feast on the smoked IJsselmeer eel! – A local specialty and not to be missed.

An environment that is made for cycling and walking. There are winding paths through thirteen different landscapes and over sloping dikes.

And if you still want to visit a larger city? LEEUWARDEN obviously as the capital of the province is within 20 minutes driving time. Or GRONINGEN, the bustling student city within an hour’s drive. Or our capital AMSTERDAM. Accessible in just over an hour. Or closer to home by the “cheese city” ALKMAAR and HAARLEM. Accessible via the famous waterworks of the Afsluitdijk! But after a busy day in a bustling city you can dream away in peace in our countryside.

And by the way, Leeuwarden-Fryslân was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018! A very special year.

And do not forget to enjoy the local specialties! Friesland is home to the tastiest sugar bread, the orange cakes and “Fryske dúmkes”. Or the savory dry sausage. Delicious with the Frisian BEERENBURG (herbs drawn on the basis of gin). Or a great beer from microbrewery “Us Heit” (‘our daddy’). Brewed 10 minutes away in BOLSWARD. But besides the delicious regional products, Friesland has even more to offer on a culinary level. Let yourself be transported along high-quality starred restaurants, organic hotspots and special eateries.

And then the GREIDHOEKE! An undiscovered area in the heart of Friesland. You must see, smell and hear this vast landscape. Preferably cycling, walking or sailing. Yes, sailing! With our boat and a well-filled picnic basket with fresh and local delicacies from Angella!

Here you can experience the four seasons! Enjoying the beauty of the flowers and the birds in the nature areas (Skrok, Skrins and Leonser Polder) in the spring. The languid summer in which you can discover the area sailing or cycling, but also during the mysterious autumn when the stately head-neck-hull farms rise from low-lying fog and in the winter the GREIDHOEKE is ideally suited to make beautiful skating trips.

And in the middle of the GREIDHOEKE, a short bike ride from the Frisian Eleven towns SNEEK, BOLSWARD and FRANEKER, lies EASTEREIN. Our mound village is characterized by the MARTINI church. It is largely medieval and possesses the oldest sacristy of Friesland. A rare attraction is the rare crack (oksaal) from 1554 with renaissance carving. In the interior, there is a 17th century gentleman’s bank.
Part of EASTEREIN is a protected village, one of the protected town and village views in Friesland. There are also a dozen national monuments in the village.

Jo binne tige wolkom!

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