Hello all,

We would like to introduce ourselves.

We are Jason, Angella and Storm!

And since May 2017 we have lived at the Tsjerkebuorren (church district) in the beautiful old original village center of EASTEREIN. In the former school building and later village house “Us Gebou” from 1874. After a total renovation, we hope to welcome you in our new B&B: LOKAAL 1 Friesland.

We love traveling and meeting people! We were fortunate that Jason’s career has allowed us to experience and live in many beautiful places around the world and also the opportunity to enjoy so many cultures and countries from an ‘up close and personal’ perspective.

But after 10 years it was really time to return to Dutch soil. We did not want to return to our busy former ‘city’ area so we chose the “country life”, preferring the tranquility of wind, water and the sea to the stresses of city life. We now live in a beautiful authentic Dutch village where you can still play on the street as a child and go to school on foot. It is these factors that are now important to us and why we fell in love with the beautiful Frisian village EASTEREIN.

And as we had received so many dear friends in our then ‘homes abroad’ it was Angella’s dream to start a B&B. It was also an opportunity to translate our own travel and lodging experience into a cool, industrial and practical B&B. Cozy as if at home with friends or on your own in privacy, our B&B provides you with an “Alone or with friends” experience. That’s how we want it too.

Actually, the styling of our house does not look any different. This is what we love! And maybe you will notice. Because we are open, honest and direct. A question is there to be asked. A wish to be fulfilled. But how could it be otherwise with Angella growing up in the family strong and hospitable area of BRABANT and Jason in the world port city of ROTTERDAM. Nice combination! We are curious about your story. Or not. You decide!

We now feel at home here.
Now it’s our turn to make you feel at home here!

Oant sjen!

Jason, Angella and Storm